What Does Motherhood Mean To You?

What does your mother mean to you?

Perhaps you are a mother now, too, and you have started to reflect upon certain aspects of motherhood that you had yet to fully understand. You love your mother, and she has shown you unconditional love. It is the same thing you want to do for your children, forever and always. Whether you are a new mom or dad, or yet to be, there are many things you can learn from a mother’s love.

Chiefly, having a mother is about loving and being loved, unconditionally. Yet as you approach motherhood or fatherhood, you are certainly reflecting upon certain aspects of parenting. Mothers would do anything for their children. Parenting a newborn, infant and young child is quite different from parenting a preteen or teen. You are embarking upon a journey that is going to bless you beyond your imagination.

Along the way, you are going to recognize certain points of your journey by reflecting upon what happened to you as a child with your mom. You want to live up to those expectations. Yet to be clear, it’s important to remember that it’s not about being perfect. Your parents weren’t perfect, and neither will you be. One of the biggest aspects of being a mom is being there, and that’s the same for fathers.

Kids eventually start to learn independence more and more. Yet they need consistency in terms of loving parents being there for them. They know that they can’t handle life on their own just yet. In fact, no one can handle life on his or her own. Kids especially can’t, and know that. Therefore, they look to their loving parents to provide for them and have their best interests at heart.


Love is not a spoken word but much more. To be sure, it is important that you tell your kids that you love them quite often. Yet showing them that you love them by being there for them and caring for them is what’s most important. Think about the fact that doing that consistently for kids means that you must put their interests above your own. It’s about loving someone more than yourself.

That starts when you find a partner. Then you have kids, and you truly realize what it’s like to be like your mother and father. Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, and that’s coming from someone who is yet to be a parent. If I ever do become a parent, I can’t imagine what I will be thinking then.

Parents go through their ups and downs with their children, and in their own lives. Life is imperfect, and all kinds of things can happen. I can tell you that trusting in God is chief. Whether you are expecting, adopting, have been a parent for awhile, or are reflecting upon parenthood, one thing is going to be clear to you. Every step of the way, you’re going to reflect upon your own parents, and you’re going to love them increasingly more, day by day. That’s life, one day at a time, and that’s motherhood.

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